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In commemoration of Children’s Day 2018 Nationwide, this Spelling Bee and Board Games competition with TheBETTERman Ltd will bring together kids and parents under an ambience to address “Child Physical and Sexual Abuse”. We are leveraging on the smart-ness, the endless possibilities that our kids enjoy when they’re able to fully express themselves without fear or bias.

We choose not to focus on the abuse that has been the order of the day or the differences in their backgrounds that tend to tear them apart or expose them to unhealthy competition. We are harnessing the one thing that binds them together and is able to give them POWER to be who they truly are, as tomorrow’s leaders – EDUCATION.

These competitions are designed for ages 7 – 13 or Grades 3 – 9 for the purpose of allowing participants to gain valuable experiences through the process of competition and evaluation. We will be exposing our participants to the spirit of sportsmanship, building in them the will to be better and teaching them to embrace continuous learning. We want your young people to develop their talents and have a platform for their God-given abilities.

Thank you for your help and support in achieving this goal.


Registration is open at and will come to a close on Thursday, May 10, 2018. Please follow all registration and entry deadlines. Due to scheduling and judging constraints, late registration entries may not be accepted.

Conduct Code

  • The conduct of any participant or parent is expected to meet all reputable standards.
  • Polite, courteous actions toward others evidencing respect are expected at all times. Patience, kindness, and good sportsmanship will be the rule.

Dress Code

All participants are to adhere to the highest standards of decorum. Therefore, participants are expected to dress appropriately and modestly for all levels of competition. Dress code is Black or White T-shirt on Jean.

Competition Manuals

  • Participants are to follow all of the guidelines as stated in this manual.
  • There will be revisions from time to time in procedures and expectations. All coordinators, officials, and judges will be made aware of the manual that will be used for each competition.
  • Manual is made available at

Competition Rulings

  • All SBBG competition coordinators, officials, and judges are aware of competition rules and regulations and are empowered to make decisions as needed.
  • Any/all rulings or decisions made by coordinators, officials, or judges are final.


Aimee’s Library & theBETTERman Spelling Bee & Board Games Hangout (May, 2018) will be taking place at Tyttlo Events Centre, 8B CMD Road, Magodo, Lagos on Saturday, 19th May, 2018 by 10am prompt. Participants Checkin begins at 8am.

Awards – Spelling Bee and Board Games

  • Medals will be awarded to those who place first, second and third.
  • Gift Book Vouchers will be awarded to the participants place first, second and third.
  • Consolation prizes will be awarded all participants.

If you have any questions about the competition, please contact; or call +234 813 786 0100; +234 806 903 4934.


Spelling Bee Guidelines


  • To improve and advance the skills associated with good spelling habits.
  • To enhance student development of poise and communication under pressure.
  • To expand student vocabulary and encourage accurate word usage and pronunciation.
  • To boost the spirit of sportsmanship, networking and continuous learning

Description of Event

  • Spelling bee will be held at Tyttlo Events Centre, 8B CMD Road, Magodo, Lagos.
  • Prior to the spelling bee competition, each participant is expected to have reviewed this manual and practiced the Word List published on
  • Participants will compete against each other, based on age/grade levels (Junior Category: Ages 7-9/Grades 3-5; Senior Category: Ages 10-13/Grades 6-9) to determine the grade level winner.
  • Main Prizes and Medals are for 1st through 3rd winners across both categories, with consolation prizes for all participants.

Eligibility of Contestants

This competition is designed for students in grades 3-9 or aged 7-13 who have pre-registered on


Spelling Bee Event Procedure

  • The official Dictionary to be used is the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (9th Edition).


  • Officiating the Spelling Bee will be the Jury, Pronouncers, Time keeper, and Moderator.
  • Officials’ duties may be combined and all share responsibility for making decisions
  • The Spelling Bee will take place in four rounds. Two rounds each for the junior and senior categories.
  • If a word has two or more accepted spellings, only the spelling found on the official Dictionary – Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (9th Edition) will be accepted as correct.
  • Definitions of words, if requested by the participant, will be read from the official dictionary.
  • The Pronouncers may, upon request by the participant, give a fuller explanation of the meaning of the word to supplement the dictionary definition.
  • The Pronouncers may also give the part of speech, language of origin, and alternative pronunciations, if requested by the speller.

Spelling Procedure

  • The Pronouncer will pronounce the word.
  • Do not SAY the word if you wish to ask for any helps.
  • The participant may ask for any pronunciation, meaning, part of speech, language of origin, alternate pronunciations, or for the word to be used in a sentence before saying the word and beginning to spell.
    If a participant takes undue advantage of this rule (buys time), he/she will be advised by the Bee Master.
  • After asking for above mentioned helps, the participant is to follow the SAY-SPELL-SAY format:
  • SAY – pronounce the word before beginning to spell.
  • This is to ensure that the participant has heard the correct word. If the participant pronounces the word improperly, the Bee Master will continue to repeat the word until the participant properly repeats it.
  • SPELL – spell the word orally.
  • Look at the Bee Master when spelling the word.
  • Speak clearly and loudly. The officials’ decision is final in determining the correctness of the spelling, which may be misunderstood if not spoken clearly.
  • Sound out each letter separately. This is especially important with consonants followed by “e” or words with double vowels.
  • Participants will not be allowed to write the word using pen/pencil before or while in the process of spelling it orally.
  • SAY – pronounce the word again after the word is spelled.

If a participant spells the word correctly, however fails to follow the SAY-SPELL-SAY format, he/she will be warned by the Bee Master. No participant will be eliminated for not following the SAY-SPELL-SAY format.


The participant shall have 30 seconds from the time the Bee Master provides the final help or he/she properly pronounces the word until he/she must begin spelling the word. If the participant does not begin spelling at the end of the 15 second period, he/she shall be reminded by the Bee Master, who will be informed by the Head Judge (Timekeeper).

Once the participant begins spelling the word he/she will have 30 seconds to complete the spelling of the word.


  • Having started to spell a word, a participant may stop and start over, retracing the spelling from the beginning. However, in the retracing, there can be no change of letters and their sequence from those first pronounced.
  • If any letters and/or their sequence are changed in the respelling, the speller will be eliminated.

Elimination – the participant will be eliminated from the bee if the he/she commits any of the following:

  • fails to start spelling within the allotted time limit or after being instructed.
  • misspells the word.
  • retraces while spelling and changes the letter order.
  • fails to complete spelling within the allotted time limit.

When a participant is eliminated from the bee, the next word is given to the next participant until there are two participants remaining.

  • When the participants are reduced to two, the elimination procedure changes.
  • At that point, when one participant misspells a word, the other participant shall be given an opportunity to spell that same word.
  • If the second participant spells that word correctly, plus the next word on the Bee Master’s list, then the second participant shall be declared the champion of the Bee.
  • If one of the last two participants misses and then the other, after correcting the error, misspells the new word submitted to him/her, the misspelled word shall be referred to the first participant.
  • If the first participant then succeeds in correcting the error and correctly spells the next word on the Bee Master’s list, then he/she shall be declared the champion.
  • If both participants misspell the same word, both shall continue in the bee, and the one who first misspelled the word shall be given a new word to spell.
  • The pattern will continue until one of the participants is declared the champion.


theBETTERchild Sex Education Game – SmartKids Board

Objectives of the game

  • To create a family bonding time.
  • To teach children ways to protect themselves from sexual predators.


  • Roll the die to move.
  • Follow the number on the board for move.
  • Move your piece to the right square; players caught cheating will miss a turn.
  • Mark your position with your playing piece.
  • Pick a card from the question card if you land on a “pick a card” square.
  • Answer the question correctly to remain on the square you landed on.
  • Miss the question and go back to where you were.
  • Obey the instruction, if you land on any square with the sexual predator symbol(s). Check the board for the instruction and the predator card for life lessons.
  • The first player to reach the FINISH square is the winner.
  • If another player queries your answer and wins, he will count the number you rolled to land on the pick a card square while you go back to where you were.

Only one move:
If you land on a square that has a predator symbol (Black pentagon) and you are asked to “Go back two spaces”, go back two spaces and stay put. If you land on a “Pick card square” by moving back two spaces, stay put. The action that affects you is what moved you there. You can remain there till it’s your turn to roll again.

Decide who goes first:
The game can begin by players rolling clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Take an extra turn if you roll a six:
If you roll a six, then you get an extra turn. First, move your piece forward six squares and then roll the die again (when you land on an instruction square ignore, if you’re still rolling six).

Land exactly on the last square to win:
The first person to reach the highest square on the board (FINISH) wins but there’s a twist! If you roll too high, your piece “bounces off the FINISH square” and moves back – You only bounce off FINISH square one time. However, you will not move beyond the SAFE ZONE. The safe zone is from square 95 to 100 – the area is clearly marked on the board. You can only win by rolling the exact number needed to land on the last square.

theBETTERchild Sex Education Quiz Game (TBC-SEQ- G)
Cards can be used to play the theBETTERchild Sex Education Quiz Game (TBC-SEQ-G); which entails shuffling the question cards, picking questions and answering them.
The Sex Education Quiz Game can be played by two or more players.

You can start theBETTERchild Sex Education Club (TBC-SEC) in your school or where you live. Contact
theBETTERman @be_theBETTERman on Instagram for details.


General Procedures


  • No talking will be allowed among participants or between participants and members of the audience.
  • If a participant receives assistance from anyone in the audience, he/she will be immediately disqualified.
  • The audience is also requested to remain seated until a break is offered in order to avoid confusion for the participants.


Spelling Bee & Board Games Manual

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