‘A Sneak Peak Into My Sunday’ by Moyin Akinola

Hello friends,

So, I woke up today by 9:00am with feelings of excitement. I went into my bathroom to brush my teeth and have my bath; then, I headed downstairs to have my breakfast. After greeting my mum, we joined our online praise service together with my brother, as we praised and worshiped God from 9:45am till about 11:45am.

In the afternoon, I did all my homework (including this one) and when I was done with it all, I was allowed to play. I was on my tablet until my mum said I could watch TV for being good girl and for doing all my homework.

My brother and I watched TV from One o’ clock till about quarter to two and when we were done watching TV, I was back on my tablet engaging and learning more till about quarter to eight.

When it was Nine o’clock, it was my bed time and I went to brush my teeth, have my bath and prepare for bed.

My Sunday was a calm and relaxing one, and it was so nice to have a lot of time to myself, unlike the rest of the week.

I hope you’re resting as much as you should today. Thank you for reading my Essay. Also, have a wonderful new week ahead.

Love, Moyin


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