Class Clock No. 3,
Year 4 Classroom,
Top Floor,
Bronte School, UK.

Tuesday, 28th November.

Dear Year 4,

What I’m about to say, I do not regret. I have had enough. I mean, I do like all the children here, but this has gone on for too long. When will you finally realize what I am going through? Oh yeah, you won’t!

Firstly, I am concerned about how some of you – Abisola’s table to be precise – stare at me all the time. This lowers my self esteem, from the bold object I once was to the shy piece I now am. It is so scary and I’m so sure some dumb, old and stinky playtime is what you’re staring at me for, isn’t it?

Waaaaaiiittt a minute… Where is the timer? Oh! I remember, it’s on holiday with my friends because Mrs. Singh thought the timer needs more rest. But… When did she ever make that statement? Errr... NEVER! I feel like I have been dumbed in a pile of mud.

Of course, how could I forget that Mrs. Kitsell is late again!!! This time, she comes in, in history. Seriously, how is this even possible?

And, not to point a finger (because I have non, lol) buuuuuttt… Jesse, David, Daniel and Jonathan are in class during almost every playtime – they must be nerds! – and do they STARE at me? YES! Why can’t they just focus on the timer or the GTBG (Good To Be Green) instead?!

Finally, when will you ever check to see how I’m doing? I do have a couple of things I need you to do to fix my situation. You are going to get rid of GTBG and that Timer, (not like I’m jealous or anything) but PLEASE will you sort things out?

Yours Faithfully,
Your Very Posh Friend,
Ms. Clock

Abisola’s Writing Corner

Hi guys, my name is Abisola Oyegoke, I am 9 years old and I go to Bronte School, UK.
I live with my two sisters, my mom, my dad and my grandma.
I love eating and my favourite food is waffles and ice cream. I hate peas!
My favourite subjects are Arts and English Language.
When I’m not in school, I love to try my hands on an instrument. Check out a song I did recently and tell me what you think.
Bye for now!


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