Amy Afebuame is a Creative Writer, Editor and Director at Aimee’s Library & Recreational Centre®.

A BSc. (Hons) Degree holder in Economics, Amy is constantly dedicated to making appropriate use of personal knowledge, skills and obtainable experience in ascertaining optimum results in all of her endeavours.

Currently active in the SME Development Financing sphere, the creativity enthusiast is very much engaged in influencing the world around her through books and other educational resources alongside her office coordinating & investment supporting roles at GroFin.

Her ability to put together captivating words in articles and pieces of fiction and non-fiction stories leave her readers enthralled with inspiring stories to tell.

On a mission to ensure that more lives are changed, she created ‘A Book In Hand’ Forum for people to read more inspiring and educating books, especially those that tackle real life issues, connecting with them to discuss these books and also engaging authors and readers in conversations, so people can share and impact one another in the right circle.

She is totally sold out to developing smarter kids who constantly improve themselves and develop a healthy reading lifestyle through her monthly kids book club activities.

She is an active volunteer at Praiseworld Radio & Aunt Landa’s Bethel Foundation among others.

We have volunteers currently working with us to ensure that we impact our kids effectively at the club. Interested in joining the team? We would be glad to have you join us. Please send an email to to indicate interest.