#LostAndFound The Art Of Worship…


Everytime, we want to believe we know what worship truly means. It’s so easy to Praise, right? When all is well, it comes easy. Pouring out songs and acts of praise to God, our family or friends, even strangers who have done us good comes easy. But… When the going gets tough, maybe we still try, as per what we believe, to ‘Praise Him in the good and the bad’.

But to offer our lives as a living sacrifice, a life sifted from the tares, distractions and troubles of this world, a life that remains focused on God, being like Him and in tune with the Spirit , takes a lot of devotion. We usually surrender to a life of Worship when we’ve gotten to the height of it all and we have no where else to turn.


I attest to the fact that when you’ve never experienced any turbulence in life, you see all those who are so devoted to worship, and you wonder why they’re that “spiritual”… Wait for your turn. ‘Who no go, no know…’

Many of us are driving through life on a flat tire. The engine is yet to knock anyway, so we can keep going…


Whenever you get a flat tire, pull over to a safe spot as soon as possible. It will feel like you can continue driving, but just because you can go doesn’t mean you should. Continuing to drive on a flat tire can cause repair costs to increase significantly.

Often times, I have found myself “living while damaged”. Pretty dangerous. I might have been living still, but It cost me. How many of us have found ourselves in this situation?

And you see, we keep on going on a flat because we’re afraid to stop for help. People must not know we’re damaged. We cannot afford to accept their help, or pity, or love. We’re fine. We can do bad all by ourselves.


How often do we get lost in life and never stop to ask God for His divine direction? Instead we go to church each Sunday to receive more fuel to further our will, hardly ever asking what His will is is for our lives.


God is not asking us to be crucified for our sins – He sent His Son for that. He’s asking us to make His sacrifice count…

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