#MyWritingCorner: Little Girl By Precious Ahams

‘Little girl’, she said.

‘You are so much better than what the world has made of you…

Crumbled, shattered, reduced to little bits

Albeit, destined to rise again


Like a Phoenix, from the ashes

Of lost hope, and broken dreams

Tortured heart, and misplaced identity

The world is yet to see the last of you

The potential so well hidden

Bursting out in glorious light


Forget what the past has done

Or what the present portrays

Lean hopefully towards the dawn

Of a colorful future


Little girl, rise.’


Precious’ Writing Corner

Hey guys, I’m Precious Ahams, a 17 year old,

Mass Communications student of Covenant University.

I write poetry, short stories, and articles…

Plus, I’m really passionate about my writing.

Check out my blog – intheoutsider.wordpress.com

or connect with me on Instagram @queen_ahams.


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