Aimee’s Kids Club – 2020 is about to be lit!

Aimee’s Library & Recreational Centre kicks off the 2020 Kids’ Clubs with engaging, informative and educational programs that empower kids of diverse learning backgrounds. Our activities help develop children’s capabilities outside of the regular four-walls of the classroom.

Our monthly kids’ club activities include the Readers (Literary) Club, STEM Club, Adventure Reads (Outdoor Literary Visits), Diction & Spelling Hubs, Creative Writing Masterclasses, Leadership Masterclasses and a whole lot more activities and games that tease their brain and expand their IQ.

Our focus is on kids aged 5 – 15 years.

In 2020, Club activities will hold for three (3) Saturdays every month between February – November, 2020.

Club Fees – #15,000 Monthly || #70,000 Biannually (5 months) || #120,000 Annually (10 months)

Monthly fees include:

  • One New Book added to Child’s Library Monthly

  • Access to Three (3) Club Saturdays Monthly

  • One (1) Proper Meal Ticket (Food & Drink) + Other Available Snacks per Class

  • Access to Learning Worksheets and Other Materials Per Class

  • Seasoned Tutors & Learning Aids

** Club Location (Lagos Mainland Axis)


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