#MyWritingCorner: ‘CCP Lisa’ by Elizabeth Ogungbefun

Meet the Andersons.

Lisa’s P.O.V

I am Lisa Anderson. In case you don’t know, I am 14 years old and I attend South Hampton High.

Other school students make fun of the acronym – SHH but our Principal says it is ’cause they haven’t seen a school with the acronym “BUTT”. Of course, when we asked for the full name of that school, he said, “you don’t need to know nothing!”

I still think there’s more to that than he is telling… LOL

Anyway, back to me. I am a CCP (Cool, Cute & Popular), so I can’t date nerds, LL’s (Lame Losers) and dorks except the gang agrees.

Meet the gang:

Lira (my twin sister), Max (my older brother), Lia (my best friend), Amilia (Max’s girlfriend), David (Max’s best friend), Michel, Davis, Olivia, Bukky, Peter, Andrew (my cousin), Angela (my cousin also Andrew’s twin) and last of all, Jason.

Now that you have met the gang, we may move on.

I live a luxury life where I don’t do anything by myself. I have up to 13 closets filled with clothes, 7 laundry baskets also filled, 10 shoe racks and 2 bathrooms (1 for me and 1 for visitors). We also have houses in every country in Europe. My friends tell me I am sooooooo lucky, but I tell them I am not.

I know you may be like, “what is wrong with this girl?” or “this is what everyone wants”, but let me be the one to burst your bubble… IT IS A HORRIBLE LIFE!

No late parties, no running about if you are a girl and stuff like that. My life is so boring, sometimes I could sleep while telling the story of my own life😴😴😴😴😪😪😪😪😪😪😪.

The only things that brighten up my day are going to Lia’s house, Lira’s room or Max’s room and also having my phone.

I could show you pictures of myself wearing a black scarf or one of the other pictures I look terrible in. On a normal day I would have looked a lot better, but what can I do? This is my life – BORING!


Lira’s P.O.V

I am Lira Anderson, I am 14 yrs old and I attend South Hampton High. I am a very bad artist unlike Lisa and Max. I am great at sports and almost as good as Max. I could show you my best drawing, but I mean, a look at Lisa’s drawing will convince you. And Max can draw way better, so what do you want to say to me?

Anyway my point is, I am a terrible Artist. I can sing, but I can’t show you that because this is you know, not a studio… hah.

Yesterday, I tried that joke at the dinning table as we were having dinner and everyone laughed. Then, I told another about Max’s return from football practice when he said ‘hey guys, whats up?’ and I said, “the light bulb.” They all laughed!

Nevermind, I tried to give another joke and suddenly, everyone had excuses to leave. I wonder why, though!

Anyway, I have to go.

Max’s P.O.V

I am Max Anderson and I am 16 yrs old. I love to sing, draw, dance and play sports. I have two younger sisters and a brother on the way. Plus, I am a CCP.

I really love my sisters but they can get a bit wierd when they crush on boys.

Like I said, I am an artist so I draw a lot. You can take a peek later.

I am a pretty good artist and I paint for a living.

Like I said earlier, I have a brother on the way. I don’t think Lisa and Lira know about it yet because they hardly see mom. They think she travelled out of the country, but they will figure it out soon… Eventually. I think they will, anyway.

To Be Continued…



P.O.V – Point of View

CCP – Cool, Cute & Popular


Elizabeth’s Writing Corner

Hey Guys, my name is Elizabeth Ogungbefun and I am 12 years old.

I love dancing, singing, reading novels or story books,

playing basket ball and of course, taking selfies…

Don’t judge me, lol!

I hope you enjoy my write ups and please,

don’t forget to drop a comment below.


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