Aimee’s Library & Recreational Centre®, located in Lagos, Nigeria provides Library, Book clubs and Recreational Services to adults and kids. Over time, we have engaged people of diverse learning backgrounds in reading and learning activities. Our projects are structured to attract book lovers in general as well as kids looking to build more skills outside of the four-walls of school.

Aimee’s Library & Recreational Centre has unofficially been in existence since 2011 and was registered as a business with the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2017. Various projects have been managed by the Director and Visioneer on a small scale and there have been great progress over the years. A few of these projects presently on-going include:

  • Building an effective reading culture amongst kids, teenagers and adults with effective followups and activities that keep them involved in continuous learning.
  • Convening ‘A Book In Hand’ Readers’ Club, a platform for readers to read, connect and review books monthly, using Social Media platforms to discuss these books, also engaging the Authors and readers in inspiring conversations.
  • Anchoring Movie/Book Reviews for various organizations.
  • Fund sourcing for Educational NGOs, to be able to buy books for less privileged kids, pay their school fees and keep them in school. Presently, we work with Dream Nurture Foundation that manages a community school of street kids in Ikorodu environs.

Since 2015, Aimee’s Library has hosted live book club events with over 100 guests every year, connecting and networking in a beautiful ambience. This has created much more awareness for the Club, and also for authors. Prospective readers have more reasons to join the club or to register their kids.

Our monthly kids book club includes the Readers (Literary) Club, Math (Geek) Club, Adventure Reads (Outdoor visits), Diction/Spelling Classes and a lot more activities and games that tease their brain and expand their IQ.

We have a unique product offering, an interpersonal relationship with our clients, with a major focus on personal development. At Aimee’s, it’s not just business… We’re building a world of Influence, one page at a time.